SWEATBUCKS are back!

Beginning July 15th start collecting your SWEATBUCKS!

Here's how it works:

  1.  Ask for your SWEATBUCKS card at Reception. Put your name on the front of the card, don't lose your card!
  2. From July 15 - August 31 Sweat Co. Reception will put a stamp on your SWEATBUCKS card for every Group Fitness, Sweat Cycle, and new this year, Pilates Apparatus, Training Room or Personal Training session you attend. Each stamp is worth a buck toward more sweat!
  3. Collect as many stamps as possible by August 31, 2018. To redeem your bucks present your SWEATBUCKS card (starting September 1, 2018) to Sweat Co. Reception when purchasing your next Sweat Cycle, Group Fitness, Pilates Apparatus, Training Room or Personal Training card. They will deduct a buck (dollar) per stamp! For real!

The Not-So-Small print:

  • Do not lose your SWEATBUCKS card, it is irreplaceable...treat it like cash!
  • SWEATBUCKS cards must be presented to Sweat Co. Reception for a stamp directly before or after a class. Cards cannot be stamped at a later date.
  • No cash value
  • SWEATBUCKS cards must be redeemed by November 1, 2018.
Michelle Wilson