Our Studio

We believe the atmosphere where you work out should feel comfortable and relaxed. Special touches like the skylights in our group fitness room and personal headsets in Spinning® classes are what make the Sweat Co. experience so unique.
  • Fitness Studio
    Fitness Studio
    The fitness studio features hardwood floors, leaded french doors, a vintage brick wall and ceiling skylights.
  • Foyer
    An antique church pew graces the foyer’s sitting area, which was generously donated by client Wendy Williams-Watt.
  • Foyer Chandelier
    Foyer Chandelier
    This stunning 1960s crystal and bronze chandelier in the entranceway was also generously donated by client Wendy Williams-Watt.
  • Foyer Details
    Foyer Details
    Decorative pears from Liberty often add colour to the ever-changing foyer backdrop.
  • Main Floor Bathrooms
    Main Floor Bathrooms
    Bathrooms feature mirrors by Ikea, hand detailed white and black doors from Home Depot, and Benjamin Moore wall paints (#1504, #1492).
  • Main Studio
    Main Studio
    Leaded French doors and a cathedral-style window separates the bustling foyer from the breezy yoga/group fitness studio.
  • Men’s Changeroom
    Men’s Changeroom
    Men’s Room placards from Liberty, by Vancouver artist Sid Dickens.
  • Pilates Room
    Pilates Room
    Our upstairs pilates studio features a Cadillac, Reformers, Wall Units, Ladders, Barrels and more for your complete pilates experience.
  • Spinning® Room
    Spinning® Room
    Our Spinning® room, located in our upper studio, features personal headphones for each bike so you can plug in and focus on your workout.
  • Training Room
    Training Room
    Our Training Room is located in the lower level of our main studio. Vintage brick and mirrored walls surround various free weights, balance equipment, and cardio machines including rowers, treadmills, stationery bikes, stair climbers, and more.
  • Women’s Changeroom
    Women’s Changeroom
    The change room features clothing hooks from Anthropologie, hand-tiled sink area, retro black and white mosaic tiled shower, and accessories from Restoration Hardware.
  • Women’s Changeroom
    Women’s Changeroom
    Women’s Room placards from Liberty, by Vancouver artist Sid Dickens.