Our Classes

Sweat Co. features a variety of classes to suit everyone's fitness flavour. Cardio, Strength, Pilates... plus new and exciting classes featured every month. You never know what's on the menu, so check back often!


Sweat Circuit Challenge

If you’re looking for a class that mixes circuits of cardio and endurance strength training in the same workout, this class is for you. Blast fat and get strong from head to toe! (may include Sand Bells, weights, bands, Bosu Balls)

Total Body Weight Challenge

An upper/lower body workout designed to give the maximum strength/endurance bang for your hour! This class is the perfect compliment to your cardio workout. TBWC will challenge your muscles using a variety of fitness tools including your own body weight. Be prepared to sweat hard and have fun! (may include Sand Bells, weights, bands, Bosu Balls)

Power Core

Who doesn’t love a strong core? Power Core is a cutting-edge core conditioning workout.  Have fun targeting muscles you didn’t know you had with a variety of innovative tools, including the sandbell, gliders and more! (may include Sand Bells, weights, bands, Bosu Balls)


Sweat Cycle

Limited Capacity. The consummate cycling (non-impact) adventure on a high-performance stationary bike.  A group experience where individuals are encouraged to train at their own levels – take it easy or sweat like you’ve never sweat before.  Heart rate monitors and headphones provided.  Water and a towel are mandatory.

Sweat Cycle AB/UB/PIL/MOV

Limited Capacity. The best of Spin meets the best of Strength. Enjoy a 45 minute Spin that will challenge even the seasoned “cycologist” followed by 15 minutes of either abdominal and core (AB), an upper body endurance (UB) workout of a Pilates Mat workout (PIL) or a global movement workout (MOV). Heart rate monitors and headphones provided. Water and towel are mandatory.

Zen Sweat Cycle

Limited Capacity. This special class will give you the best of both worlds; a sweat-inducing 55 minutes of Spin, and a bonus ‘muscle-lengthening’ 20 minutes of stretch. Heart rate monitors and headphones provided. Water and a towel are mandatory. 75 minutes.


Pilates Apparatus

Limited Capacity. Apparatus equipment will provide asafe, supportive playground for the body to explore movement with feedback. With the use of springs, equipment will provide varying degrees of resistance to challenge stabilizing muscles of the body. This is a great class for anyone who wants to improve core strength, flexibility,  posture and overall muscle tone, while deepening body awareness and enhancing physical well-being.

PiYo Blend

Rooted in yoga, informed by Pilates, inspired by dance. A continuous flow, non-stop movement experience. An interplay of stabilization and mobilization, lifting and lowering the heart rate with large focused movements.

Pilates Mat

Pilates Mat provides an essential base to Pilates training. Individual attention is given to achieve proper form and  execution of exercises. A great workout, Pilates focuses on fluidity between exercises. Benefits include stronger abdominals, improved posture and stress release.